Benefits of Attending

Learning the concepts of our unique Fearless Negotiations system by playing the game in a live, facilitator-led venue gives players confidence to be:

fearless while setting benchmarks and measuring progress
The Pre-Seminar Assessment, helps you evaluate your current skill set and subsequent progress toward a greater level of competence

fearless while faced with deadlines.
Learn common tactics, including artificial deadlines, and how to apply effective counter tactics to discover real time issues.  Learn the best possible times to negotiate

fearless while preparing
By playing the game scenarios, you will realize the importance of appropriate preparation.  You will learn how to replace fear with preparation.

fearless while faced with powerful opponents.
By performing a power position assessment you will see how perceived power plays into negotiating strategies.

fearless while arguing a position.
By formulating your argument (position), the basis of your negotiation, you will never be afraid to propose and defend your position.

fearless while listening to what the other side wants
By learning to be an active listener you will be able to understand mutual goals as well as appropriate levels of courage, pressure and transparency

fearless while practicing new concepts and skills
By playing the game, you will realize the value of using “what-ifs” while preparing and will find yourself practicing them in your daily routine

fearless while trying appropriate tactics for best advantage.
By learning negotiating and closing tactics and when to use them, you will find boldness to apply them at will

fearless while asking for the deal
By following our prescribed T.R.A.D.E. route you will be led to appropriate closing tactics and find courage to ask for the deal

 fearless while following a simple T.R.A.D.E. route to triumph
By understanding the negotiating process you will not fear complex systems and strategies being used against you – you will simply stay on course

fearless while making honest assessments of upcoming negotiations
By understanding the versatility of and knowing how to apply a SWOT analysis to your very next negotiation, you will arrive with a stronger position

fearless while thinking through any negotiation
By playing the game scenarios and being exposed to our unique system, you will be never be afraid to step back from any negotiation and think through to the next level

fearless while seeing the bigger picture
By weighing the goals and outcome of current negotiations with the strength of the relationship, you will never be afraid to see the negotiation as part of a larger scheme

fearless while developing your own negotiating style
By exploring methods of negotiating that really work, you will be fearless in crafting a style suitable to your personality and negotiating involvement

fearless while entering a non-adversarial approach to negotiating
By seeing negotiations from many perspectives, you will never be afraid to test every negotiation as a candidate for a non-adversarial model

fearless while reaching agreement
By using our unique negotiations system, you will never be afraid to place the results of your negotiating into a mutual agreement

fearless while finalizing the negotiation
By looking ahead to ‘next step’ action required to implement the negotiated deal, you will be fearless when assigning responsibility and accountability measures into the deal

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