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Bradley Waldrop has the vast experience of delivering over $3.2B of successful and award winning public works construction projects from which he has developed a unique skill set for negotiating.  These skills have involved contracts, purchasing, sales, employment agreements, collections, partnering, and conflict resolution.  Through the years, Bradley has leveraged these successes and has developed a training series on conflict resolution and negotiated outcomes.

 Mr. Waldrop is a co-founder of the Fearless Negotiations immersive learning environment that leverages his real-world experience of business and team leadership, project management, and facilitator/mediator to teach practical, simple, fun, and effective negotiation skills.


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  Paul Stout has been involved in structured negotiations for more than 30 years.   He is a construction project manager, estimator, facilitator, seminar instructor, and the AGC of America’s 2009 National Instructor of the Year.  His experience and personal qualities make him a popular choice for Partnering and event facilitation, consulting and in house training assignments.  Paul negotiated his way through the ranks of the construction industry in a progression of  personal and career growth including labor, supervision, and management for hundreds of projects.  As a facilitator for executive meetings,  problem resolution meetings, and the partnering process, Paul helps project teams establish goals and resolve issues.

He is the founder and Director of Power Summit.  Since 1999, Paul has presented or facilitated more than 600 training seminars, workshops and partnering sessionsin 64 US cities spanning 22 states and internationally in Guam and Djibouti.

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