What to Expect

Play the GameAll the learning and hands-on negotiating during this all-day event is centered in playing “the game” – a card game that lets participants compete with each other throughout the training day.  Small teams of negotiators (players) engage in active participation of negotiation scenarios.  Facilitators, throughout the day, will interject negotiating concepts, tips, gambits, tactics, and case studies. During game play, negotiators will follow the prescribed “TRADE Route” to negotiating success.

Play the SystemThe game uses cards and other components to help emulate real case scenarios including cards to help establish power positions as well as cards that interject conflict, penalties and rewards. The game follows and teaches our unique negotiating system.

Play to WinPlayers are assigned to teams which will negotiate against another team in an effort to win the title of “Best Team”.  They will, at the same time, accept their opponent as an ally in efforts to win the title of “Best Table.”

Play to KnowTo supplement the game and discussions, each participant will receive a notebook that contains worksheets and information that will not only prove useful during game play but can be used over and over again outside this training experience.

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